Tonita Webb Investing in the Community Financial Wellbeing

Tonita Webb is one of the female CEOs who makes a positive impact on the members of Seattle Credit Union. Her degree in finance from Walden University and field experience qualifies her as an expert in finances. Ms. Webb has proven outstanding leadership skills by taking the Seattle CU to a new level of development. Her personal mission was to make a positive impact in the community. By common effort, the CEO and the board of directors took decisions that propelled the community's financial wellbeing.

Tonita Webb is a strong believer in pure facts and has always worked from the members' financial baseline. Relevant data helped her identify the most stringent issues the community is facing from a financial perspective. It was her genuine interest and positive intent that brought help. She guided the entire team into using predictive analytics to spot a member's financial difficulties and direct their common efforts into solving them.

An effective business takes care of its employees so that the latter can better serve its customers. Ms. Webb was fully aware of that when stepping into a leadership role. Among her first steps was increasing their employees' minimum wage to $15 an hour, with regular revision. Seattle Credit Union thus committed to providing its staff a secure financial status. Consequently, they increased the retention rate, attracted new qualified personnel, and built a strong team based on diversity, integrity, and professionalism.

Tonita Webb insisted on digitizing all the files and encouraged everyone with an active membership to learn how to use their organization's digital products. As an effect, everybody was fully prepared for a remote transition during the pandemic lockdown. Being a skilled visionary paid off in terms of monetary resources and effort. Moreover, Seattle Credit Union launched a series of webinars for similar organizations to share their expertise and help them digitize their members' information.

Tonita Webb has had a significant impact on building a stronger team at SCU, improving the work processes, improving the company status and reputation. The impeccable service earned the trust of the community and contributed to the financial wellbeing of all members. A credit union serves its members, and its leaders like Ms. Webb that reinforce that promote that message by example.


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