King County leads the way in opportunity and innovation. Our workforce is diverse, skilled, educated, and creative. Yet, even as our region is held up as an economic model for the rest of the country, we face a serious challenge: the gender wage gap.

Today, women in King County earn 78.6 cents for every dollar earned by men. The gender wage gap is bigger in Washington State (77 percent) compared to the national wage gap (79 percent). This gulf that exists between the talents of women and the pay they receive affects our local economy and our quality of life.


We partner with employers who commit to learn about and implement proven practices to improve gender equity in the workplace.

Employers make workplaces more equitable by:

  • Implementing at least three best practices, and reporting on progress via semi-annual surveys.
  • Sending at least one employee to 100% Talent’s quarterly workshops focused on best practices (you’re welcome to send more than one!).
  • Making a three-year financial sponsorship to fund the effort to close the local wage gap.
  • Sharing experiences at workshops and community events to help others striving to advance gender equity in the workplace.

These collective efforts made by our more than 60 signatories have already closed the gender wage gap by three cents on the dollar.

With more employers signing on every day, we are well on our way to closing the gender wage gap for good.

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