The Legacy of Female Leadership - Universal 1CU Under New CEO

Former Universal 1 Credit Union CEO Loren A. Bush is retiring, leaving the organization in good hands. The current CEO is to transfer the leadership toward Jessica Jones, who has extensive experience in the finance industry due to her role as a treasurer and Senior Vice President-Finance. Women leaders thus prove their success in high-responsibility roles.

Universal 1 Credit Union has had Ms. Bush as a CEO for 23 years. During that time, the organization added new loan products, such as 1st Time Home Buyer, Student Loans, mortgage refinancing options, and opened investments and savings opportunities. Loren Bush brought a significant contribution to the development of the credit union. Her primary goals revolved around supporting the board of directors and advising them, which she excelled at.

Ms. Bush promoted the vision of Universal 1 Credit Union and made it attractive to stakeholders. Due to her active implication, the organization gained a good reputation within the community, and more business connections were created. Under Ms. Bush's leadership, Universal 1 CU started a campaign meant to inform the general public of potential financial fraud. During the pandemic, an increasing number of scams have been reported, which inspired a credit union movement to inform and eradicate the danger. Active campaigns are the ones that inspire employees to work harder for a common cause and attract more members. It was Loren Bush, a proven leader, that helped the credit union achieve public acclaim. She leads by example and will be presented as a role model to future generations.

Stepping in her new role in October, Jessica Jones is ready to guarantee the continued success of the credit union. The 50,000 members, along with the board of directors, all trust Ms. Jones' expertise in leading them toward new ambitious goals.


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