When women have effective pathways to family-wage jobs, we all benefit. From investing in their families and communities to sustaining local economies, the contributions of women are critical.

While many women are well on their way to economic success, many face significant barriers on the path to a family-wage job. STEM education leads to careers in higher-earning fields, however women lack access to and receive less encouragement to pursue STEM.

For single moms in Washington, these obstacles are especially challenging. Single mothers often have to work one or more jobs to make ends meet, while going to school and being a full-time parent.

  • Two out of five single moms live at or below the national poverty line.
  • Washington State is among the top 10 least affordable states for center-based child care.


Post-secondary education is a critical step to a family-wage job, so we are partnering with community and technical colleges to create a more robust support system for single mothers that includes:

  • Counseling on career pathways that are easy to navigate and complete on time.
  • Access to stable, quality child care.
  • Peer support programs where single moms can share with and cheer for one another.
  • Flexible financial aid.
  • Emergency services when needed.

We are also working with campus leaders, decision makers, and other partners to remove barriers. Together, we are helping ensure a more stable and vibrant future for thousands of women and their families.



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