We are excited to announce the new WFA Fund for Women at the Washington Women’s Foundation to carry on the Women’s Funding Alliance mission.

After nearly 40 years, WFA is moving to the next chapter in support of women and girls. While closing our doors feels bittersweet, we are proud to celebrate the accomplishments we’ve achieved together, and are optimistic about the future for women and girls as the work continues through the new WFA Fund for Women.

The creation of WFA’s new Fund at Washington Women’s Foundation maximizes the opportunity for dollars to reach across diverse communities and drive positive change for women and girls across the state. The Foundation is also committed to continue WFA’s research, advocacy, and capacity-building efforts, which the Foundation views as essential to achieving its goal of advancing race and gender equity in communities across Washington State.

Celebrating our legacy.

Women’s Funding Alliance was founded in 1983 by a small group of passionate people wanting to make a difference in the lives of women and girls. Over the past four decades, WFA grew to more than 6,000 supporters statewide.

Together, we advocated for equity for women and girls and championed more equitable policies like closing the wage gap.

We galvanized people around a shared vision of a state where all women and girls have equal access, opportunity, and influence to fully live their lives.

We commissioned research on the most pressing issues facing women and girls in our state, including On Her Way: Pathways to Opportunity so all Washington Women Thrive and The Status of Women in Washington.

We led key initiatives – GLOW, Lead, Thrive, and 100% Talent – to build capacity and scale solutions that supported women and girls’ leadership and financial strength.

Collectively, we invested millions to expand leadership and economic opportunities for women and girls.




Building a statewide network of leaders dedicated to raising empowered girls.



Growing civic leadership of Washington women at the local, regional, and state levels.



Forging a pathway to economic strength for women and their families.


100% Talent

Mobilizing employers to close the gender wage gap and create equitable workplaces.

$0 invested annually in women and girls
0 women and girls reached each year
0 supporters statewide


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