100% Talent Goes Statewide

100% Talent Goes Statewide

2018 has been quite a year for women: it has been filled with heartbreaking stories, powerful platforms, and groundbreaking movements. Still, we remain over 50 years away from achieving gender equity in the workplace.

At Women’s Funding Alliance, we’re working to shorten that timeline through 100% Talent: a gender equity initiative for Washington State. Our mission? To implement best practices in Washington businesses and overcome one of the biggest gender-wage gaps in the country, all while shedding a light on those businesses that are working to advance gender-equity.

Since our launch in 2013, 100% Talent has seen a surge of interest and growth within our King County community. As a result, we have officially expanded to serve Washington communities statewide. What an exciting new chapter this will be!

We couldn’t have done it without the partnerships of our over 70 signatories representing over 150,000 employees.

The collective efforts of our signatories and local business community have closed the wage gap by more than two cents on the dollar; adding millions to our economy.

Lydia Frank, Vice President, Content Strategy at PayScale, who has been along with us on this journey since 2017, speaks to the benefits of partnering with 100% Talent: “100% Talent has helped diminish some of the fear organizations can have around looking at pay inequities… No organization wants to be paying its workers unfairly, but even taking a look can feel scary, because what if things aren’t where they should be?”

PayScale, who regularly publishes data and content to help organizations across the country better understand the core drivers of pay inequities and how to address them, relies heavily on hard data to drive gender equity forward. In their most recent report on the state of the gender pay gap, they found that in 2018, women throughout the United States were still only making 77.9 cents to the dollar men make.

“Once we realized how many organizations were struggling to address these issues and how we could leverage technology to make it easier, we moved quickly to build pay equity analyses into the feature set,” said Frank.

Companies like PayScale reap the benefits of 100% Talent’s Signatory network, namely identifying common challenges and implementing solutions.

“100% Talent helps us demonstrate this commitment to pay equity and fairness and has created a cohort of like-minded organizations with which we can grow and share best practices,” said Frank.

Even with the magnitude of success 100% Talent has seen over the last three years, the significant work needed to close the wage gap continues. As we expand statewide, we look forward to partnering with more Washington businesses, and ultimately, achieving gender pay-equity in Washington State.

Learn more how you can get involved with 100% Talent at www.100percenttalentseattle.com.