Donor Spotlight: A Legacy of Leadership

For six years, Amanda DuBois has served behind the scenes at Women’s Funding Alliance. As a board member, advocate, and donor, Amanda has been a constant, unrelenting force for Washington’s women and girls.

As she parts from the board of directors this summer, Amanda leaves behind her a legacy of fierce dedication, bold leadership and the biggest philanthropic gift of her life.

For Amanda, the decision to make such a personally significant gift came after a period of reflection and incremental leaps in her giving. She recalled the opportunities she was afforded throughout her life, becoming the fuel behind her gift.

I’m blessed and have had a really amazing life,” she said. “It’s not like I’m super rich. I’m not in the category of people I normally think of with this kind of gift, [but] I wanted to stretch and it’s a blessing to be able to do that.”

After taking time to consider her goals and hopes for the future, the choice the make her biggest financial commitment to Women’s Funding Alliance was even clearer.

“You can’t say no to what’s needed for women and girls. It wasn’t really an option,” she said.

For Amanda, investing her hard earned dollars in women and girls is the smartest way to maximize her impact.

“It’s a good decision for our community and our state. All the research shows when you put money in the hands of women and girls, the difference that they make is huge,” she said. “You can make a really big impact by investing in Women’s Funding Alliance.”

Looking forward, Amanda knows she will always be committed to gender equity – no matter what that looks like. Her involvement with Women’s Funding Alliance has ignited her hope for women and girls in our state, country and around the world.

She said, “the [Women’s Funding Alliance] mission has evolved to a place to that truly resonates with me. Together, we get powerful things going for women and girls.”

Amanda hopes her gift will inspire others to reflect on what’s meaningful for them.

“I’m delighted to be able to financially support this work, and I invite others to join me.”