The Gender Wage Gap

The Gender Wage Gap

Equal pay for equal work. From celebrities and CEOs, to educators and engineers – women at every level are calling for pay equity.

At Women’s Funding Alliance, we answered this call with 100% Talent: A Gender Equity Initiative for King County. Designed in partnership with the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, 100% Talent aims to close one of the biggest gender wage gaps in the country.

Since the launch of 100% Talent, over 40 companies have signed on to accelerate our goal. Together with our initiative signatories, we are rethinking workplace culture, exploring innovative solutions and sharing stories of success.

In just two years, the collective efforts of our signatories and local business community have closed the wage gap by three cents on the dollar; adding millions to our economy.

For Tricia Bencich and Jen Wyne, senior HR leaders at Moss Adams, this leap in measurable progress is a testament to the change initiatives like 100% Talent can create. As a Founding Signatory of 100% Talent since June 2015, Moss Adams has had an instrumental role in the initiatives success.

Tricia is a member of the 100% Talent advisory board, and leads Moss Adams’ gender equity efforts. She believes these initiatives encourage companies to set and achieve measurable gender equity goals.

“What gets measured gets done!” Tricia said.

Beyond dollars and cents, 100% Talent is creating a forum for signatories to accelerate county-wide change together. Tricia is inspired by the opportunities 100% Talent has created for her to engage with HR leaders outside of the financial sector.

This kind of cross sector collaboration enriches the initiative with diverse experiences, while identifying common challenges and solutions.

“[Companies] benefit from diverse perspectives around the table,” Jen said. By engaging different perspectives, gender equity can become a spring board for other equity and inclusion efforts to progress as well.

While there is still work to do, the success of 100% Talent reminds us that measurable change is possible. With the right partners and community of support, we can close the wage gap and set a path forward for a more equitable King County.

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